Visual Effects: Dos And Don’ts

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Technology has come a very long way and the possibilities can really blow your mind. From editing a simple photograph to advance 3 dimensional mechanics in movies, you can see the endless possibilities. Video editing and visual effects can also be a solid career but it takes a lot to become a professional in this industry for various reasons. There are heaps of different companies, studios and individual service providers out there but as you can understand, not every one of them has what it takes to make an exceptional outcome using advanced visual effects. Whether you are a newbie trying to make a name for yourself or a professional with a solid reputation, you will have to recognize and follow the basics of this processes if you want to thrive forward. This brief guide will explain some of the most basic dos and don’ts that can guide you in the right path. 

Before you start serving your clients, you need to understand your expertise. As mentioned earlier, there are heaps of different service providers and professionals out there and all of them have different expertise and they are specialized in different areas. For instance, there will be professionals that can work with fcpx plugins to create visual effects and some other will use much simpler platforms. Understanding your expertise and skill set will help you reach more ideal clients and this will be the key to your success in the long run. 

It is always a good thing to try new things, of course, but things might get messy if you try doing more than you should. Most newbies make the mistake of trying too many things at once. If you are carrying out a certain project, for instance, you should identify clients’ requirements and then try to address them with the most ideal approach. If you try to show off or try too many new things, you might end up ruining your project. 

Always use the right tools and platforms to make your work stand out. Try using advanced but easy-to-use tools such as fcpx lut or lookup tables with your editing software to reach your full potential. If you are not using the right software or set of tools, you will find it difficult to satisfy your clients’ requirements because there is a huge competition in this industry. 

You should never stop learning. This field is always evolving and keeping up with the changes will not be that easy. Therefore, you should always follow the latest news and keep your tools up-to-date in order to stay on top of your game. 

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